Complete 4 Wheel Braking System, FAILSAFE/SERVICE Rear and SERVICE Front

This development is currently being tested, supplying a complete 4 wheel, fully enclosed, liquid cooled braking system to the market. The system should be priced at a very competitive and affordable price, possibly even competing with other alternative rear wheel system only options available in the market. Safety and braking performance remain a priority focus area.


TRAILER BRAKING SYSTEM currently under test

A new improved hydraulic system is currently being tested on mine trailers, a system aimed at improving the MaximB U300 braking efficiency by compensating for the common tow unit (tractor) hydraulic inefficiencies.


20 Seater Low Profile PERSONNEL TRAILER

A new 20 seater Low Profile Personnel Trailer is currently being manufactured and tested, with theree units being finalised for delivery to a mine in March/April 2013. The trailer is an alternative personnel transporter to the self propelled units currently available in the market. It affords the mines the opportunity to increase tractor utilisation and improve personnel transportation whilst keeping capital expenditure down.



NCS Engineering, the developer and manufacturer of the MaximB product range, is an ISO9001:2010 approved company.

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